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BTG999 Microlight & Small Seaplanes - Anna Markey

This book evolved out of a need to bridge the gap in training material between light aircraft and smaller seaplanes. Anna uses the amphibious Seamax 3-axis flying boat and Polaris am-FIB flexwing for training.

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NLB033 Pooleys Microlight Airframe & Engine Log Book

This log book is beautifully bound in light blue leatherette.

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NLB021 Pooleys Microlight Pilot's Log Book

This log book is produced in accordance with the requirements of the current Air Navigation Order and is approved by the British Microlight Aircraft Association, form BMAA/AW/037.

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AFE001 Air Law for Microlight Pilots, Aviation Law for Sport Pilots – Geoff Weighell - AFE

Air Law for Microlight Pilots is the only book to deal specifically with aviation law as it relates to pilots of microlights, gliders, balloons, paramotors, gyrocopters and other ‘sport aviation’ pursuits.

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FAA241 Flying Ultralights - Instructional Briefings ASA

For ultralight instructors, students and enthusiasts alike, provides the knowledge and understanding for experiencing the challenge of the ultralights! Flight instructors must combine the roles of tutor, demonstrator and lecturer, for effective instruction in each aspect of ultralight flight.

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BTG035 Microlight Pilot Handbook, 8th Edition - Cosgrove

Brian Cosgrove's classic introduction to the world of microlight flying has endeared itself to several generations of pilots.

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BTG931 The A-Z of Microlighting - Stow

This easy-to-use manual will be a useful companion for any aspiring or established microlight pilot.

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BTG916 Microlighting, affordable Aviation - Finnigan

Defying gravity and escaping from the earth into the skies, as a pilot in control of an aeroplane, is an experience unlike any other.

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BTG953 The Microlight Syllabus- 3 Axis

This book, written by a converted 'GA' pilot, Chris Stow, who is now an instructor on weight-shift Microlights, is intended for the student who wishes to pursue a course in learning to pilot a Microlight Aircraft.

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BTG954 The Microlight Syllabus - Weight Shift

This book is aimed mainly at weight-shift/flex-wing students, but Stow has also included areas on 3-axis, to help both understand differing adaptations to these aircraft. It is intended for the student who wishes to pursue a course in learning to pilot a Microlight Aircraft.

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International Dawn to Dusk Competition - sponsored by Pooleys

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